Ensure Instructional Consistency Provide every resident in your program with consistent training, including information and techniques at the forefront of pathological medicine. PATHPrimer provides:
  • Lesson overviews that summarize topic highlights
  • Learning objectives crafted by experienced educators and thought leaders
  • Practice questions that help assess learning and boost retention
With a uniform approach to a comprehensive curriculum, PATHPrimer helps you provide residents with the very best educational tools.
Check Progress and Performance Easily review individual and program-wide reports on progress toward program milestones. Through the Faculty module, you’ll be able to access the entire curriculum, including assessments, so you can see what your residents are studying.
Respond Quickly To Resident Needs PATHPrimer provides educators with insight into individual and program-wide performance on the 2,450 pathological topics, so you can identify issues early and plan for improvement opportunities. Assessment areas include:
  • Clinical and Pathologic Diagnoses
  • Normal Histology
  • Testing Techniques, Standards, and Protocols
  • Laboratory Management

Provide a Comprehensive Resource

PATHPrimer gives educators like you the tools to guide residents with a comprehensive, trusted curriculum. Put your program on the right path with a free trial today.

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