Curriculum for Lifelong Learning Whether you are preparing for credentialing events or a new career opportunity, PATHPrimer provides consistent, guided instruction across specialties and professional levels. Advance confidently with:
  • Topic-focused lessons that include overviews, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, imaging anatomy, procedures and assessments
  • Practice questions that are linked to the relevant learning material, making it easy for you to access and review deeper information
Each curriculum level includes lessons that cover all core pathology disciplines, so you can focus on the specialties that matter most to you.
Check Progress and Performance Easily accessible assessment information allows you to track your progress and evaluate your performance as you learn.
  • Check your knowledge of more than 2,450 topics
  • Assessment results help you focus your study time where it is needed most
Take Your Career Further A comprehensive resource for experience pathologists, PATHPrimer supports your ongoing education and professional development.

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