Learn, Apply And Advance An expert-guided, comprehensive curriculum helps you study and apply a wide range of information covering the core pathological disciplines. PATHPrimer users have access to:
  • Lesson overviews that summarize topic highlights
  • Learning objectives crafted by respected leaders in the field
  • Practice questions that help assess learning and boost retention
All so you can study efficiently and enter the field with confidence.
Be Prepared Whether you are reviewing materials for your next rotation or studying for the boards, PATHPrimer’s 2,200 pathology assessment questions will help you prepare for the next step. These multiple-choice questions cover:
  • Clinical and Pathologic Diagnoses
  • Normal Histology
  • Testing Techniques, Standards, and Protocols
  • Laboratory Management
A Smarter Way To Study The ready-made lessons provided by PATHPrimer give you the chance to monitor your performance as you review more than 2,450 topics. You’ll be able to easily identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as compare yourself to others at the same professional level, so you can allocate study time where you need it most.